A list of peer-reviewed journal articles and review articles may be found below. In this list, the * character indicates equal contribution of authors and the † character represents co-corresponding authors.

Journal Articles

  • Rowland, M. A., Greenbaum, J. M. and Deeds, E. J. (2017) “Crosstalk and the evolvability of intracellular communication” Nat Commun In press
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  • Wani, P. S., Rowland, M. A., Odracek, A., Deeds, E. J.† and Roelofs, J.† (2015) “Maturation of the proteasome core particle induces an affinity switch that controls regulatory particle association” Nat Commun 6, 6384

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  • Rowland M. A., Fontana W., Deeds E. J. (2012) “Crosstalk and competition in signaling networks” Biophys J 103, 2389 Preprint PDF Supporting Material
      * Biophysical Journal Best of 2012

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Review Articles

  • Deeds, E. J. and Shakhnovich, E. I. (2006) “A Structure-Centric View of Protein Evolution, Design and Adaptation” Adv Ezymol Relat Areas Mol Biol 75, 133